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Lowell’s Points of Light Cultural Celebration Committee is seeking individuals and organizations that can help run family-friendly activities at the Points of Light Cultural Celebration, from 5 pm to the 8 pm lantern launch on Saturday, May 11.

Activities could include the following:

  • A special craft or art project
  • A lawn game tournament
  • Supervision of special play equipment
  • Any other activities that could be fun for kids, adults, and families!

The Committee is especially interested in:

  • Groups sharing their culture through traditional games or activities
  • Activities that allow participation from a wide range of ages and skills
  • Activities that provide entertainment for spectators
  • Activities that involve light and that could take place around sunset
  • Games or activities that will be promoted by the individual or organization to bring new audiences to Points of Light

Activities could take place on a lawn or in a paved area, but must not be destructive/dangerous to the lawn. Activities must be supervised during the activity time from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Several activities will be selected by the committee. Stipends are available depending on the nature of the activity. If interested, please contact Chris at with qualifications or questions. This call will be open until filled, so submit inquires as soon as possible!