Points of Light is completely free, made possible by donations from the community. Without the community’s generosity, we can’t bring local music groups to perform, can’t invite faith-based and ethnic organizations to share their cuisines while raising funds, and would not be able to provide lanterns for decoration to youth programs across Lowell.

Our fundraising goal for 2023 is $25,000, which includes all costs directly related to the festival and a small amount to contribute to an endowed fund that will help ensure Points of Light will recur year after year. Local business sponsorships, cultural grants, foundations, and donations from community members make it possible. 

There are three ways to donate (see below). We love to publicly thank everyone who helps us in various ways, so please let us know if you would like to be anonymous when you donate!

Donate on GoFundMe!

The easiest way is to make a donation on our GoFundMe page, which will be live soon! We have a goal of funding 20% of the festival ($5,000) through community donations. Please share on social media, and any small amount will help.

Send a Check

If you prefer sending a donation in the mail, please make a check or money order out to:

Coalition for a Better Acre, Points of Light Lowell Fiscal Agent

and mail to:

Points of Light Lowell c/o Coalition for a Better Acre
517 Moody Street, Floor 3
Lowell MA 01854-4014.

Individual or Corporate Sponsorship

We have several sponsorship packages available for larger donations! Email hello@pointsoflightlowell.com to ask about individual and corporate sponsorship opportunities.