Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the annual Points of Light Festival in 2024!

We are looking for 75 volunteers to help us prepare for the festival, and to help make it happen! Some tasks need to be accomplished BEFORE the day of the festival, as well as all day on the day of the festival. On the day of the festival, we need volunteers from 9 am until midnight in shifts as short as two hours. Please look over the following list carefully before signing up, then click the button below to volunteer!

Marketing And Outreach

Before May 1

Help run decoration events. Reach out to churches, community groups, neighborhood organizations via phone or email to set up times to meet and speak to community members in person. Distribute flyers and volunteer materials.

Need access to a car, must have good public speaking skills. Ability to do outreach in different languages a plus!

Before May 1


Help hang and distribute flyers in Lowell (in all neighborhoods but especially Acre and Highlands), as well as outside of Lowell. Visit businesses in person to ask about hanging flyers on community boards or in windows.

Need access to a car.

Before May 1

Will translate information and text from flyers and provide text for social media posts. Need translators fluent in: Spanish, Khmer, Burmese, and Arabic

Graphic design skills a plus!

Festival Prep Squad

9 AM - 12 PM
Canal Clean-Up

Help clean plaza, sidewalks, canal slopes and canal water with Canalwaters Cleaners.

Great for all ages! Will need to wear clothes that can get dirty! If cleaning canal slope or water, need to sign a waiver with Boott Hydro and be 18 years old or over.

1 pm - 4 pm
Set Up

Will set up tables, tents, and chairs throughout the plaza at designated locations for food, stage needs, and vendors.

Great for families with kids over 12! Will need to be able to walk a distance carrying large, heavy tables and tents or numbers of chairs at once.

Point People

2 PM - 10 PM
Welcome Table

Will staff the welcome table at the Festival, orient festival goers as to what is happening. Answer questions from vendors and performers about where to set up and who to talk to. Check in volunteers as they arrive, direct them to task leader.

Need to handle speaking to and answering questions from many people at once.

2 PM - 10 PM
Errand Runner

Pick up items that are forgotten or left behind and bring them to festival location. Do odd jobs during the festival.

Needs their own vehicle for transport.

Festival Run Team

5 pm - 10 pm

Wander plaza to answer questions and provide information. Direct volunteers, food vendors, performers, and festival goers to available parking lots.

Great for families with kids over 12! Need to be able to walk or cycle long distances.

6 pm - 10 pm
Bucket Brigade

Walk the area, collect donations, and give out glowsticks.

Great for families with kids over 12! Need to be able to walk long distances.

2 pm - 8 pm
Lantern Decoration

From 2-4, will assemble lanterns that have already been decorated pre-event.

From 4-8 will assemble lanterns to prep for decoration by festival goers. Will provide markers and other supplies to participants, accept donations.

Great for all ages!

5 PM - 10 pm
Green Team

Will work at recycling station, sort trash into recycle and compost bins. Occasionally rove around the plaza and pick up trash that has been dropped on ground.

Great for all ages!

5 pm - 10 pm
Stage Crew

Will help set up stage according to stage manager’s instructions. Assist in setting up equipment safely, prepare performers, prep stage for different performers’ needs.

Need to be able to handle and walk distances carrying equipment that may be large, heavy, or extremely fragile. Proficiency in different languages a plus!

7 pm - 9 pm
Lantern Launch

Will help launch lanterns into water from launch point.

Volunteers will need to sign a waiver, and wear a harness. Will need to be comfortable standing for a long period of time while in repetitive motion. Must be 18 or over.

After-Festival Crew

9 pm - MIdnight
Take Down

Take down tables, chairs, tents, and other items after festival ends, and make sure plaza is clean.

Great for families with kids over 12! Will need to be able to walk a distance carrying large, heavy tables and tents or numbers of chairs at once.

9 PM - Midnight
Lantern Retrieval

Use nets to take lanterns out of the water and/or separate the reusable parts from trash.

If using nets on canal slope, need to sign a waiver with Boott Hydro and be 18 years old or over. This task will get you dirty!